Sunday, September 4, 2011

How to Increase SD Card Speed on Rooted Android Devices?

When you can’t find speed on your SD cards even though you have formatted it with many times, that means that you need a new memory card with improved technology which provides faster speed and data  transfer rate. But wait can we improve the speed of existing SD cards or miniSD cards that I am using? I would say – Yes, atleast for Android users, discover it how.

Speed up SD Card on Android Devices

When you purchase SD cards the size and the speed of it really matters. Certainly a faster transfer and quick operation between your computer and your Android device is what all can expect. Android users must opt for a faster speed SD card not just for the speed or data transfer rate but for a number of reasons. Its find its importance for rooted or non-rooted users who store apps on their SD cards. It’s pretty clear that SD card with fast data transfer and latest technology will run those apps smoother and quicker. So if you have root modification permissions then you can speed up your SD card to get joy of faster speed and time saving. This is possible through SD-Booster tools for Android devices.

SD BoosterSD Booster

SD-Booster is a free Android Applications which is available for download at Android Market Place. The publisher says you can speed up your SD card up to 40 times faster than you previously had. Well if it increases the speed at least 20 times or at least 10 times or in worst case 5 times it’s better because you would get improved speed and performance at a no price. As a market end user I am not sure how it works but its shows you’re the results.  Give a try to it and I am sure it should work out for you.

So with this app on your device you can start apps quickly, listen to your favorite music, exchange or transfer data with your PC and a lot more of other applications with an improved phone speed. An important note is that this works only with Android phones that have root permissions to run it otherwise SD-Booster can’t do anything for you. Present version is 1.0.2 and you should atleast have Android 2.1 and higher to install this app.

The app size is just 52k and with atleast 20,000 installs per month it’s rating to be a high ranked app. The upgraded versions of 2.1 will have more features and fix the bugs in the present version.

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