Sunday, July 29, 2012

29-7-12: Painting at the new branch (Apple iPhone Unlock and smartphone repair) Auckland

Sunday night, 29-7-2012: Kevin, Mike and I touching up the branch office,

Dr Mibiles Limited
3069, Great North Road
New Lynn, Auckland 0600
(Opposite New Lynn Police Station), Tel : +649 555-5344

Sunday , 29-7-12: Rainy night at New Lynn, Auckland

Just dropping by to do more painting,
Dr Mibiles Limited
3069, Great North Road
New Lynn, Auckland 0600
(Opposite New Lynn Police Station), Tel : +649 555-5344

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

18-7-2012: Third day of painting, Dr Mobiles Limited, Great North Road, New Lynn, Auckland

Long day at the office and even longer painting up our new branch. We will be expanding our Apple iPhone 4S unlock services, mobiles phone repair services in the Auckland central west region.

We'd, 18-7-2012: Mittre 10, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealsnd

Enjoy the sunset after buying hardware and paint for our new Dr Mobiles Limited, Great North Road, New Lynn, Auckland.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Worlwide network unlockfor Apple iPhone 3GS, 4, and iPhone 4S by Dr Mobiles Limited, 095515344, Auckland

Monday, 16th June, 2012:  We are please to announce that Dr Mobiles Limited is capable of providing worldwide network (also know as factory unlock) for major GSM network provider.  Please see the details below.

The advantage of factory unlock is that you can use your iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S anywhere in the world that includes using their local SIM card which will save you substantially on roaming fees.  Besides that, you are able to update your iOS via your iTune indefinitely.

Please feel free to email us a info(a) if you any query.  To check if you iPhone undergo factory unlock, just email us the IMEI number and we will reply you via email the answer at NO cost.  To get your IMEI number, you go to your iPhone's dial pad and dial * # 0 6 # and there will be a 15 digit number appear on the screen.

Cheers and have a great day!

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An Apple rolled over by multiple vehicles!

This what happens when a car rolled j er your iPhone 4!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kings Cross, Sydney, 29-June, 2012

Aust over 20 years since I have last visited Kings Cross. Finally I managed to visit it again. It is much safer and cleaner now.

iPad Mini to be thinner than Google Nexus 7 and new Apple iPad (iOS, repair, unlock, Auckland, Takapuna)

Apple’s as-yet unofficial ‘iPad Mini’ will be substantially thinner than the regular sized iPad, schematics for cases purportedly intended for the next-gen slate suggest.
Think iOS has got its hands on some drawings of a third-party case for the iPad Mini, courtesy of unnamed sources in China, revealing some impressive dimensions for oft-rumoured but hitherto unseen device.
iPad Mini leaked case drawing
According to the leaksters, the iPad Mini will be 200.13 mm (7.87 in) tall, 134.73mm (5.3 in) wide and a staggering 7.3 mm (0.29 in) thin.
By way of comparison, the new iPad is 9.4mm (0.37 in) thick, while the iPod touch is 7.2 mm, which corroborates rumours that the iPad Mini will be ‘almost as thin’ as Apple's touchscreen music player.
It also means the tablet is considerably slimmer than Google’s recently unveiled Nexus 7, which comes at 10.45 mm (0.411 in) in depth – making Apple’s effort a more attractive option in the portability stakes.
Although it’s not revealed how much the tablet will weight, we’re thinking it will be broadly in line with rival seven-inch slates, possibly slightly heavier if it rocks an aluminum body like its older siblings.
Specs are still hard to come by but if you place much faith in analysts' forecasts, it will sport a 7.85-inch display and possibly the same dual core A5X processor as the new iPad. However, it’s unlikely to feature Retina resolution or even a rear-mounted camera.
A more svelte iPad could seriously scupper the charge of smaller, cheaper Android slates - even though it’s unlikely that Apple will be able to undercut the competition in price, which is likely to sit somewhere in the region of $299 (£299).

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Google Android Power User Tips: Samsung Galaxys SIII Top Ten Tricks and Tips, Auckland, New Zealand

The Samsung Galaxy S3 ( GT-i9300 ), Designed for Human and Inspired by Nature is an Android Smartphone designed by Samsung and the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S2. Like its Predecessor, the S3 is Touchscreen Based, Slate Sized Smartphone, with a significant addition of Software Features, Expanded Hardware, and a Redesigned Physique. In particular, it has an Intelligent Personal Assistant (S Voice), Eye-Tracking Capability, Wireless Charging, and Expanded Storage. The 4.8-inch ( 120 mm ) Smartphone is powered by a 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor.
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Designed for Human and Inspired by Nature
Samsung Officially Unveiled the S3 on 3 May 2012 in London. The device was released in 28 countries, including those in Europe and the Middle East, on 29 May 2012, before being rolled out in several other countries over the following few days. Prior to release, 9 million Pre-Orders were placed by more than 100 carriers globally. A US release is expected in June 2012. Based on a survey in the UK, as of June 2012, theSamsung Galaxy S3 is the most Popular Handset in the UK.

So Why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 is most Poplular now ? The only answer is itsGreatness and Outstanding Features.
So now take a look at Samsung Galaxy S3 Features in Detail.

Watch out this Officially Released Video of Samsung Galaxy S3, Designed for Human and Inspired by Nature. You will get a brief Idea about the Phone after viewing this Video. After this Read the Full Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone Review and Specification in Detail.

Software, Intelligence, Sharing, Greatness and Enhancements.

The Galaxy S3 uses Google's Android Mobile Operating System ( Android Version 4 ). Its TouchWiz User Interface, like most Interfaces, consists of Elements such asSlidersSwitches, and Buttons.

S Voice
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Smart Voice
S Voice is a Intelligent Personal Assistant and Knowledge Navigator which works as an Application for Samsung's Android Smart Phones ( Similar to Apple's Siri ). It responds to You, i.e. You can Tell the Phone to Wake UpAnswer an Incoming Call, or even take a Photo
The Application uses a Natural Language User Interface to Answer Questions, make Recommendations, and Perform Actions by delegating requests to a set of Web Services.

Smart Stay
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Smart Stay
One of the other big-hitting features Samsung is talking about is the ability to Track your Eyeballs to make sure the Display Stays Lit when you're looking at it. In theory this should mean that you can keep the Screen Timeout to a minimum of Fifteen Seconds and then Never have to Worry about it Turning Off. A little Eye Icon ( EyeconAppears in the Notification Bar when it's Tracking your Peepers. It waits till you're Asleep, the Screen maintains a bright Display as long as you're looking at it. 
In practice it works around 75% of the Time, even in Bright Light it can sometimes still Turn Off the Display, despite the icon Showing up. In fact, the Icon can Pop Up even when you're Wearing Sunglasses - so it's hard to trust it.

Smart Alert
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Smart Alert
Smart alert takes the Motion Sensor in the Phone and Sends you a Vibration Notification if you have any Notifications that you haven’t Cleared yet. What is most likely happening here, if the phone picks and chooses what notifications to tell you about via Smart Alert, there is likely a White-List of sorts that allows you to set notification type for Smart Alert.It knows when you've been away from your phone: a vibrating nudge lets you know that you have missed calls or messages.

Social Tag
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Social Tag
The most Interesting Intelligent Functions of the Galaxy S3 is the Social TaggingFeature. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S3 is capable of Identifying and Properly Tagging the people in your Photos as long as you have them added asContacts ( with an attached picture ). If this Face Recognition Software works as Samsung claims it does, it is one of the most Interesting Smartphone Capabilitiesever.
The Social Share ability takes matters one step further, by allowing you to instantly Share the Pictures with the contacts the S3 has recognized in the photo.It keeps track of your loved ones, a glance at your friend's photos will show you their current SNS status.

Direct Call
Samsung Galaxy S3- Direct Call
Direct Call allows you to make a Call simply by Lifting the Phone to your Ear while writing a Message to Someone, or while Specific Contact Details are brought up to the Display. Just lift, and Speak. It's a nice Feature to have but we can think of many Scenarios where this could Go WrongIt knows when you want to talk.

S Beam
Samsung Galaxy S3 - S Beam
Sharing your Content with Friends nearby should be EasyQuick, and even Fun. S Beam lets you Bond Instantly so you can Transfer Documents, Contacts, Pictures, Music, Videos, you Name it. Just put the Backs of your Phones Together, Connect, Share and Enjoy.
The biggest issue that S Beam will face initially would be with the compatibility. As Samsung rolls out more devices that are S Beam compliant, the service will become useful to anyone with multiple Samsung Devices. The Features being Implemented here will be unique to Samsung, and will further encourage users to stick with Samsung with all Devices moving forward.

AllShare Play
Samsung Galaxy S3 - All Share Play
There’s another way to Share content on various Devices. It’s called AllShare Play, and it lets you share with everyone, Access Documents and Multimedia even when you're away from your Computer. It lets us work together through the magic of DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct, giving us Remote access to Documents and Multimedia files when we Work on a different Screen somewhere else.

Buddy Photo Share
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Buddy Share Photo
It Shares with Everyone instantly. As the Phone recognizes your Friends' Faces, it can Share Photos with them instantly. It works using Facial Recognition Technologyto identify each of your Subjects, then shoots the Picture to them Automatically via Email or Text Message.

Face Zoom
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Face Zoom Example
This Facial Recognition Feature Highlights Individuals Standing ( or Seated ) together in a Group, letting you simply Double Tap on a Face to Fill the Frame. It doesn't appear to be much different from the Traditional Double Tap Zoom Option, but this method Enables a Bit more Precision.

Face Slideshow
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Face Slide Show
You might find Facial Slideshow Entertaining, especially when it comes to making outIndividuals in a Huge Group Shot. The Feature essentially creates a Slideshow from One ImageCycling through Portraits of each Person in the Frame.

AllShare Cast ( Will be available soon )
Samsung Galaxy S3 - All Share Cast
It lets you play togetherBeam your Photos, Videos and even the Game you're Playing onto the Big Screen while your Phone Doubles as a Controller.


Samsung Galaxy S3 - Design
Inspire by Nature, the Minimal Organic Design of the Samsung GALAXY S3 is reflected in its Smooth and Gentle Curves, while its Human Centric Nature Provides an Ergonomic and Comfortable Experience with Enhanced Usability.
Samsung Galaxy S3 has Brushed Polycarbonate Body with " Marble White " and "Pebble Blue " Colours. It's Dimensions are 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm, despite still having to Pack in a 4.8-Inch Super AMOLED HD ScreenThe plastic feeling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 won't appeal to all. It feels very Lightweight ( 133g )
Samsung Galaxy S3 -  Solid Gorilla Glass 2 Front
It has got a Really Solid Gorilla Glass 2 Front, a Well Packaged Interior and a moreRobust Battery Cover.Compared to rest of the Galaxy Line, the S3 has more in common with the Original Galaxy S than the S2, with Curved Edges the Theme in the Design Language.
Samsung Galaxy S3 -  Home Button
The Home Button has also been Elongated, although the same Menu and Back Buttons remain from the Prequel.The Button Design around the Phone has been well thought, as for a Phone this big it's very difficult to make all the Keys Accessible, so putting the Lock Button on the Right Hand Side rather than the Top makes a Large degree of Sense.
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Volume Keys
The Volume Up and Down Button is Parallel to the Lock key on the Left Hand Sideof the Phone, and also within easy reach when Holding the Galaxy S3 in the Hand.
Samsung Galaxy S3 - MicroUSB Slot

The MicroUSB Slot is placed at the Bottom of the Phone. The Battery Cover is also made of the same Polycarbonate Material as the rest of the Body. Yes, you read that Right, the Battery cover is Removable.

Pop Up Play
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Pop Up Play
It lets you do Two things at Once i.e. Watch HD Videos as you Email or Text. Pop Up Play Lets you Play a Video anywhere on your Galaxy S3's 4.8 Inch Super AMOLED Display, on Top of Another App, that means you can watch a Video while checking your Email, and then Switch Back to Playing the Video in Full Screen Mode.
It's Picture-in-Picture, except instead of your TV it's on your Galaxy S3. We've seen some attempts at Multi Window Multitasking before from Samsung, with the " Mini Apps" on its TouchWiz Tablets, but this feature seems like it could be a big step Upward in Usefulness.

4.8" HD Super AMOLED Display
Samsung Galaxy S3 - 4.8" HD Super Amoled Display
Seeing for real, 4.8 Inches of High Definition DisplayTrue and Perfect Color with Ultrafast Response TimeSamsung Galaxy S3 HD Video Playback is Outrageously Sharp and is Incredibly Energy Efficient and Amazingly thin.

Best photo
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Best Photo
It sees your Best Side, Picks the Best out of 8 Continuous Photos. Galaxy S3 knows your Best Look, Never Misses a Smile or Mistakenly Captures someone when they are Blinking. It Automatically takes a Burst of 8 ShotsCapturing Continuous Scenes and Chooses the Best Image for You.

LTE ( Depends on Country )
Samsung Galaxy S3 - LTE
Long Term Evolution ( LTE ), marketed as 4G LTE, is a Standard for Wireless Communication of High Speed Data for Mobile Phones and Data Terminals. It is based on the GSM / EDGE and UMTS / HSPA Network TechnologiesIncreasing theCapacity and Speed using New Modulation Techniques.Samsung Galaxy S3 would be available with LTE Feature. Faster Downloads Compared with Current 3G NetworksAnd it's only going to Get Faster.

Near Field Communication ( NFC )

Samsung Galaxy S3 - NFC
The number of Android Devices that Support Mobile Payment Systems is Increasing. Such facilities can be done through a Technology called Near Field Communication (NFC ). Samsung Galaxy S3 have this Feature to allow users to use Mobile Payment Feature.


The Galaxy S3 has a 8 Mega Pixel Camera similar to that of the Galaxy S2.
It can take Photos 3264 x 2448 Pixels ) and record Videos in 1080p Resolution (Full HD ). Samsung improved the Camera's Software over that of its predecessor to include Zero Shutter Lag and a Feature that selects the Best Frame after several similar Shots were taken. The Phone can also take Pictures while Recording Videos.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Storage
The Phone comes in 16 GB and 32 GB Variants, with MicroSDXC Storage Offering Up to an additional 64 GB for a Potential Total of 128 GB. An additional 50 GB of Space is offered on the Dropbox Service for Purchasers of the device for Two Years.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Exynos 4 Quad System
The International Version has Samsung's Exynos 4 Quad System on a Chip containing a 1.4 GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and an ARM Mali-400 MP GPU. However, the US version is expected to use Qualcomm’s Dual Core Snapdragon S4 SoC to support LTE Functionality. Dimensions of the Device are 136.6 × 70.6 × 8.6 mmand Weighs at 133 Grams with a 2100 mAh Lithium Ion Battery. The glass used for the Display on the Galaxy S3 is Corning Gorilla Glass 2.
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Qualcomm’s Dual Core Snapdragon S4 SoC

Finally Concluded Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Full Specification ( Top Tricks And Tips )

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Full Specification

So all these are Basic and Great Features of Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone in Detail.
How you Like it ?
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What value you get for topping up A$35 on Vodafone prepay in Australia?

See the goodies I get after topping up A$35 at the airport! Mind you, the prepay SIM card is given free to customers at the Airport!

Cell Phone News Update: The Next iPhone Could Deal A Crushing Blow To Samsung’s Android

Not only did Apple silently stare down Google during their WWDC 2012 Keynote by releasing a new Maps app and better Siri integration, they also mentioned an app which will give them even more ground in the ongoing smartphone wars.

Passbook was announced as a sort of digital folder for electronic tickets, such as boarding passes, movie tickets and even Starbucks cards. Using location technology, the app will know where you are, pulling up your movie ticket when you arrive at the theater. The app makes for a very slick demo, to be sure.

But such an announcement stumbles upon Apple’s insane levels of secrecy and can be seen more of a nod to the future rather than a complete, finished product.
Apple intentionally made no mention of the next iPhone, focusing mostly on software and one new piece of hardware. The closest they got to acknowledging the new iPhone was announcing an iOS 6 release date.

Each of these new apps—Maps, Passbook, even Siri can be seen as new at this point—will be available in iOS 6 and built to take full advantage of the next iPhone. As such, what does Passbook say about the next smartphone?
Some analysts and Apple observers are suggesting Passbook will also work with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, something found in nearly every smartphone rumor for the past 3 years.

Google has been making a push towards an eWallet which will allow users to do away with cash and cards and simply rely on their devices as form of payment: A convenient notion, but also more than a little unsettling.

Android’s latest flagship phone, the new Samsung Galaxy S III, features NFC and works with Google’s Wallet functionality. Google has yet to gain much traction in the eWallet field, however. As such, only Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S III has the NFC feature built in.

In fact, the Google Wallet feature works in a similar way as Passbook, collecting digital tickets and stubs in one location to be easily called up in a moment. When paired with NFC, Google Wallet can be used to make a payment by simply tapping the device on a “PayPass” enabled device.
As they often do, Apple took a few minutes to brag on themselves, boasting their astronomical app downloads and subsequent payouts to developers. Tim Cook also made a point to mention Apple has 400 million accounts, each with a registered credit card. These Apple ID accounts are the only way to register new devices and make purchases through either store, allowing every user the ability to give Apple their money by simply tapping a button and typing in a password.
This kind of sheer brute strength could send Google packing if and when Apple gives the nod to Passbook, allowing it to not only display your tickets, but also purchase them as well.

In fact, Apple has already been using similar technology in their stores, which have become extremely beautiful and profitable test labs for features such as these. With the new Apple Store App, a customer can walk into any Apple store, find the iPhone case, headphones or MagSage charger they require, scan the barcode with their phone, input their password and walk out of the store unmolested. Your iPhone is associated with your Apple ID, which is associated with your credit card. When your phone connects to the Apple Store Wi-Fi network, it turns this feature on and brings everything together to allow for beautifully simple payments.

Until this point, the big news in iPhone rumors was the adoption of a 4-inch screen and a retooled design. Now, it appears as if the real big news about the next iPhone will be the ability to (finally) make payments with your iPhone. If this comes to pass, Apple could have one very large leg up on Google and Android. Now, we have only to wait until “this fall” to see how things play out.