Thursday, January 20, 2011

Auckland Apple iPhone 4 Liquid Damage Repair - Dr Mobiles iPhone Repair

Just received via courier a unit of Apple iPhone 4 suffered from water damage, it was dropped into the toilet!  Let's see how it goes on the repair.

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Vodafone BlackBerry Curve 8310 Impact Damage Repair - Dr. Mobiles

A client just came in and wanted to repair his impact damaged BlackBerry Curve 8310 which he bought it off from one of the largest New Zealand's auction site.  When I told him that it cannot be repaired as there is no part for it.  The reason being the unit he purchased was a fake BlackBerry; it has two SIM card slot!

We did not charge him any "inspection fee" which we could have done easily!


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This is guide on how to unlock your  Samsung I9000 Galaxy S to any GSM network.

Phones will often come locked to a certain carrier or network so you cannot switch SIM cards using the same phone.

You can unlock

Cingular / AT&T I9000 Galaxy S 

Rogers Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

A1 Mobilkom Austria Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Orange Uk Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

T-Mobile Uk Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Vodafone Uk Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

and all other carriers.

In order to unlock your mobile phone to any GSM network you will require a remote unlock code.

How to get an unlock code for Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Do a code look up to find out if your IMEI number is found.  We can 99% percent of the time help you free your phone.

You can get the unlock code from DR MOBILES.  Please email us or text us the details:
(1) Phone Make and Model (Samsung Galaxy S i9000)
(2) Network provider (e.g. Rogers, Verizon, Orange, T-Mobile)
(3) The IMEI Number.

Once we get these details, we email or text you the price of the unlock code for your smartphone.

You can pay us via PayPal or Kiwi Bank Online Banking. Upon getting

In order to unlock your phone, we require your IMEI number.  You can find this by pressing*#06# on your phone as if you are making phone call.

Your IMEI number is always 15-17 digits long.

Once you receive your Unlock Code from us by email, simply follow the instructions below and your phone will be free to use on any GSM network.

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Unlocking Instructions

1. Power on without SIM
2. Type in #0111*Unlock code# (8 digit unlock code*)
3. Device should say: “Network Lock Deactivated”
4. Phone may automatically reboot

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 Top Five (5) Paid Apps of the Year 2011 (Dr Mobiles - iPhone Repair 0211172222)

There are large numbers of apps both free and paid available on market, but her is a list of top 5 best paid iPhone apps. Apple’s iPhone is not a lot of cool stuff, but one of the important things is its skill to deliver programs to use – even more cool stuff. I hope you will also like it.

1. Read It Later ($ 4.99)
It is one of the best app for iPhone as well as greatest innovations of the iPhone, which I found this bit of information. If you spend all day on the Internet, especially if you do it because you have different types of news for your career ruined, you can read it later is crucial.
2. iTeleport ($ 24.99)
No doubt it is also one of the best paid iPhone app. It’s expensive, yes, but that is because iTeleport doing some amazing things. Specifically, it links your iPhone to your computer so that you all like it is sitting right in front of you access.
3. Tetris ($ 2.99)
It is also one of the best paid iPhone app. There’s a reason this is considered one of the best video games of all times. Tetris with the simple assumption of interlocking pieces together to complete lines across the screen.

4. news rack ($ 4.99)
No doubt it is a great invention for the iPhone user and included in the list of best paid iPhone app. Reading things on the road is one of the best utilization of the iPhone. news rack is an RSS feed aggregator that can be anything you find interesting on the spot sync with other services such as Google Reader to streamline.

5. Plants vs. Zombies ($ 2.99)
It is also one of the best paid iPhone app. If you focus all iPhone games, you will have heard of plants against Zombies. The simple tower defense games with its cartoon graphics and silly time indeed had taken, even spawning a jump to other platforms like Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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2010: Top 10 Apple iPhone 4G Games (download, free, Apps, iOS, gyroscope, Auckland)

So, you’ve got a brand new Apple iPhone 4G and you want to play some games on it. The problem is, you don’t know what games to play and where to get them. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will list down the top 10 games for the iPhone 4G. If you don’t have Apple’s newest mobile phone yet, don’t worry, we will also show you how to get a free iPhone 4G later on.

First thing’s first. How do you get these iPhone 4G games? Well, you can get them from the iTunes store. Some of them are free. Most of them require a token fee for download.

So, what are the best games currently released for the fourth iteration of Apple’s flagship product?

Number 10: Call of Duty World At War: Zombies II

What was once a feature for the console versions of COD: WaW has become a full-fledged iPhone 4G game. And so popular was the first installment that the sequel has dominated the App Store games section for so many weeks after it was released. Think of World War II. Think of zombies. Bam! You’ve got a masterpiece!

Number 9: Fruit Ninja

Minimalism is the name of the game for most of the entries in this Top 10. Fruit Ninja, in its barest form, is an action game that is so addictive, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Imagine your finger as a sword, and swiping across the iPhone4′s screen would make your ninja avatar slash through falling fruits. Fun, fun, fun!

Number 8: WORP

One of the most popular puzzle games for the iPhone4 is WORP. Think of it as Bejeweled Evolved and you’ll realize why this belongs in the Top 10.

Number 7: Propaganda Lander

Pilot a spacecraft across alien terrains and perils using your finger. This critically acclaimed iPhone 4G game won’t disappoint!

Number 6: Espgaluda II

Belongs to a new genre of games called bullet hell. Dodge bullets, missiles and lasers coming from everywhere. An absolutely exciting game that’s sure to enthrall.

Number 5: Angry Birds

Has the record for having the most number of weeks at the top of the App Store games chart. Control birds fueled by rage as they extract their revenge on those who have done them wrong.

Number 4: Town Raiders 3D

A survival shooter. Kill hordes upon hordes of enemies and survive through levels of progressive difficulties. Bound to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Number 3: Doodle Jump

Looking for a simple game that will cause insatiable addiction? Voted as Game of the Year by many online publications, besting console games on many occasions, Doodle Jump will provide the thrills you want.

Number 2: Grokion

Once you see the graphics of this amazing side scroller, you’ll begin to doubt if the iPhone4 really has any limitations. We’re talking about 128-bit graphic quality here. Episodic in nature, the first chapter is now available and has been the subject of rave reviews.

Number 1: Sword and Poker

Astounding blend of card game and sword & sorcery. Two genres joining forces to give you an iPhone 4G game for the ages. Currently the highest rated iPhone 4G game of all time. This, folks, defines a “must buy.”

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Apple iPhone 4G Top 10 Tips and Tricks – Get a Free IPhone 4G (Dr Mobiles, Auckland)

The iPhone 4G is a powerful communication device with diversified functions that many people cannot be without today. Do you know there are some tips and tricks in using your iphone? Here we tell you the top 10 tips and tricks about using your iphone.

Tips 1 – Hints to Get URL
In iphone Safari do you know that you can press and hold any links in order to see the url and name of the website? This feature make you get the url and site name information fast.

Tips 2 – Scroll to the Top of the Page
You can automatically scroll to the top of the page by tapping on the top bar when you are using the iPhone applications.The top bar will show the time, service bars and the battery life. In Safari, this will also brings up the url address bar also.

Tips 3 – Show the Different Domain Suffix
Hold down the ” dot com” button, you can find a pop-up comes up with ” dot net, dot org and dot edu” buttons. Slide your finger from them and then release your finger to select them.

Tips 4 – Disable Keyboard Suggested Word
To disable the keyboard suggested word spelling, you do not have to press “x” button at the end of the word. Tap on anywhere of the screen is already ok.

Tips 5 – Shortcut to Type a Domain
In iphone Safar when typing a web site address, you don’t need to type the dot com or www. For example, you can key “apple” in the url box in order to view “”.

Tips 6 – Take Your iPhone Screenshots Anywhere Anytime
You can take any screenshots easily on your iPhone at anytime. Firstly, press and hold the Home button, then click the Sleep button once. The screen will have a immediate white flash and the screenshot will be stored in your camera roll at once.

Tips 7 – Save Pictures in Safar
When you are surfing any web pages on iphone Safari, you simply touch the image and hold your finger. A menu will show up for you to save the image.The image is downloaded and saved under the Photo / Camera Roll.

Tips 8 – Insert Period
When you type on the iPhone, simply double tapping the Space Bar button everytime at the end of sentence. This will allow the iphone to insert a period followed by a space automatically.

Tips 9 – Insert Punctuation Easily
To key in any punctuations while using the iphone keyboard, you just press and hold the “123″ button and slide your finger over to any punctuation button. The punctuation will be inserted automatically after you have released the holding.

Tips 10 – Lengthen iPhone Battery Life
There is a sensor located right above the earpiece, it detects ambient light. The iPhone uses this sensor only one time per session, just when you unlock the device. But if you cover the sensor as you unlock the iphone, you can trick the device into thinking it’s in a dark room and to save power it will lower the screen brightness. You can also turn off WiFi and bluetooth if you don’t plan to use them. You can also change the setting of email fetch time to Hourly or Manually, and turn the Push off so as to save energy.

Thinnest External Battery Pack for Apple iPhon 4 (tech, news, report, gadget, iOS, jailbreak Thanks to MiLi’s smart chip you can extend your overall iPhone battery life by using the iPhone’s internal battery only when it’s absolutely necessary. Leave your MiLi to charge and re-attach to the iPhone as needed. Just disconnect the iPhone from the MiLi and you will have a fully charged phone to take with you. With the MiLi PowerSpring 4 Extended Battery, you can enjoy your movies, music, phone calls and internet surfing without worrying about the iPhone battery running out! This portable charger can recharge your iPhone to 100% one and half times when the MiLi is fully charged! Email, surf, talk, text, call and play all you want with a trustworthy battery.
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How to Increase iPad’s Battery Life in 10 Easy Steps (Dr Mobiles iPhone Repair, Auckland)

If you are looking to improve your iPad’s Battery life, then here are some tips to save and increase your iPad‘s Battery Life. I am not telling you to do all of it. But whichever ones you could do. More of it, more will be the battery life of your iPad.

Don’t expose iPad to high or low temperature
If the iPad is exposed to high or low temperatures, its battery could be harmed and it causes decrease in battery life. So you should be careful about that. It should be OK between 32 degrees F and 95 degree F.

Update the Firmware
Whenever there is a new update of your iPad’s firmware is available, you should update it. Apple might be bringing new features in the firmware which could increase your iPad’s battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi and 3G
You could turn off iPad’s Wi-Fi feature if you aren’t using it to increase your iPad battery life. Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi and turn it off.

In areas with limited 3G connectivity, if you try to use 3G, it could cause more loss of the iPad’s battery life. For doing it, go to ” Settings ” and turn the ” Cellular ” option off.

Customize Brightness
You could increase your iPad’s battery life greatly by lowering the brightness. If you think you have enough brightness for the display, you lower it. Go to Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper and lower it by dragging the slider to the left.

Enable Airplane Mode
In some areas, the Wi-Fi or 3G network of your iPad will be facing some problems. So the iPad automatically tries to be in contact with it and thus consumes more power from the battery. In these circumstances, enabling the Airplane Mode could help you increase your iPad’s battery life. Go to Settings and turn Airplane Mode on.

Disable Push Notifications
The Push Notifications are used to make you aware mainly of of your iPad updates. But turning it off could save and improve some battery life. So to disable it, go to ” Settings ” and turn the ” Push Notifications ” feature off.

Disable Location Services
I am not telling you to always keep the location services off, but just when you are not in need of it or when your iPad’s battery is low. To disable it, go to Settings -> General and turn the Location Services off.

Turn off Push Mail
If you are receiving emails frequently, it could affect your iPad’s battery life. So turning off Push Mail will do it. Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data and turn Push off.

Turn off Equalizer
The Equalizer feature in your iPad automatically adjusts the sound. But this could decrease your iPad’s battery life. So you could turn it off to increase battery life.

Turn on Auto Lock
Turn on the Auto Lock feature so that whenever the iPad is inactive, it automatically turns off after a certain time interval.

Unlock Apple iPhone 3G iOS 4.1 (tips, tools, repair, fix, downgrade, firmware)

One of our customer forwarded the following method of unlocking his iPhone 3G iOS 4.1, which he ultimately killed and bricked his iPhone.  Please DO NOT use the information to unlock your phone as it will void your warranty and certainly will brick your phone!

The PwnageTool for Mac OS X have been released now and you could use to jailbreak your iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1 while preserving the baseband so that you could unlock iPhone 3G 4.1 iOS. The old version of Ultrasn0w, that is version 1.1-1 could be used to unlock iPhone 3G 4.1 iOS. Here are the steps to do it.

NOTE: You could now use the guide given here instead of this.
How to Unlock iPhone 3G iOS 4.1
1. Jailbreak iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.1 using the guide given here.
2. Launch Cydia.
3. Choose the  Manage tab at the bottom.
4. Choose the Sources option.
5. Tap the Edit button and then on the Add button.
6. Then add the source

7. After the source is added, search for ” ultrasn0w 1.1-1 ” in Cydia.
8. Install the Ultrasn0w 1.1-1 app to unlock iPhone 3GS 4.1 firmware.
9. Restart your iPhone 3GS.
That’s it! Now you have an unlocked iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.1.?

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Kia ora and Greetings from Doctober Mobiles, Auckland, New Zealand

Greetings to all Google Android, Apple iPhone 4 and 3G mobile phone users!  We will be blogging all about mobile phone repair, network unlock and also the latest Remote Unlock technology.

We aim to share the latest news on Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Google Android and major phone manufacturers' news and update.

Please feel free to leave your constructive comments and thoughts on this blog.  It is all about mobile phone users in this ever change technology world!