Saturday, July 14, 2012

Is the the Apple iPhone 5 to be launch in October 2012? (Google, Android, HTC, Galaxy, S3, III, repair)

Our mate sent us the leaked images of the next generation iPhone before but those were just of the aluminum back shell.
Today, we have what looks like a completely assembled device placed next to the current iPhone 4S. As before, the device is noticeably longer pointing towards a bigger, widescreen display. We can see edge to edge glass on top and the black aluminum body on the side.
The previous pictures also denoted a two tone back, with plastic/glass on the top and bottom and aluminum in the middle. In these, however, the back seems to be of a single color. The bottom has also been redesigned with a completely new, smaller dock connector, large grilles for the speaker and microphone and a headphone jack, which has been relocated to the bottom.
As is often the case, one should take these with a pinch of salt. Still, these are some fairly convincing images. We'll be seeing more of these as the launch of the next generation iPhone draws closer.
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