Sunday, September 4, 2011

Google Power User Tips: Block Unwanted Calls/SMS on your Android

Droid Call FilterDroid Call Filter app acts as a Call Filter, Call/Message blocker on your Android phone. It makes you free from unwanted calls and messages by blocking them. Users are allowed to stay connected with their friends and all the contact information (Calls and messages) with them, can be kept under password protection in a private space. Nowadays, most of the people got stuck with calls and messages from unknown numbers. Droid Call Filter is the best app which keeps all these unwanted calls and messages away from you, thus making you free from harassment.

Droid Call Filter has a simple interface with settings, block list and filter records. Users can choose various scenarios in the settings like, block the block list, block all, block none, only allow contacts, only allow block list and only allow contacts and block the block list. Droid Call Filter makes user to block the numbers from their contacts list, message list, call history, or by adding number manually. Once added to blocked list, if you get a call or message from that number it will be saved in the blocked list and not disturbs you.
Droid Call Filter also provides an option to choose notification when a call/message is blocked. Auto-reply messages can be sent when any Call/SMS is blocked. Users can check the blocked records at anytime and they can restore the blocked messages back to their inbox.

Download Droid Call Filter App:
Droid Call Filter App is available for free and you can download it from Android Apps Labs.

Otherwise, scan the below QR Code using barcode scanner and follow instructions to install this app.
Droid Call Filter QR Code

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