Sunday, September 4, 2011

Google Smartphone: Secure Your Android Using Android Assistant

Android AssistantAndroid users need to manage and secure their android mobiles efficiently, as they use their phones mostly with the internet connectivity. Most of the apps in the market eat away your device’s battery and some apps come along with malware. So, one has to ensure the safety and security to Android mobiles and this can be done using an Android Assistant (17 features) app. This is the best app to improve your phone’s performance.

Android assistant comes with 17 features and is now available for free. All the features of this app play a significant role in improving your device’s performance.

  • The interface of this app is very good and it showcases ‘monitor’ feature in its home screen. Monitor feature displays CPU info and Memory info of your mobile along with an option of ‘Quick Boost’ at the bottom.
  • Process feature displays the widgets, services, launchers etc on your Android mobile and each is varied with different colors. Now, users are allowed to kill the selected tasks from the displayed list.
    • Tools feature shows various options like volume control, ringer, system clean, file manager, startup manager, cache cleaner, Batch uninstall etc. Users can save the battery life by ON/OFF Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS etc directly using ‘Save battery’ tool.

Android Assistant Android Assistant

  • Cache cleaner helps you to clean all the cache from your android mobile thus make your phone free fromviruses. You can adjust the ringer in various modes using the ‘Ringer’ tool. Using the batch installer and batch uninstall tools users can directly install/uninstall the third party apps. Not only these, many features included in this app to ensure the safety and security of the Android mobiles. So download this app to increase your phone’s performance and battery life.

Download Android Assistant app:

Android Assistant app is now available for free and you can download it from Android Apps Labs.

Use QR Code to download:

Scan below QR Code with the barcode scanner from your Android mobile and follow the instructions to download this app.
Android Assistant QR Code

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