Sunday, September 4, 2011

How to Access to Home/Office PC’s from Android Mobile,

2x Client RDPAndroid phone users can now access their home or office computers using 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop app. With this easy to use and secure app, user can perform tasks with their home/office PC’s directly from their Android device.

The interface is good looking and asks for terminal connection initially when you open this app. Users can add multiple connections on to their device using server, port, alias, username and password options. Once terminal is connected you can access the PC’s which you have added. This app provides users to run published Remote Windows applications and desktops from their device’s Windows Terminal Server. All the VDI Hypervisors including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware also runs with Windows Terminal Server. 2X Client support different browsers like Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Users can access their connections securely as this application is protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Users can easily read and manage the text from their phones, as they are provided with the mouse and full keyboard. Using this app user can experience a better quality of features, and this is truth as users can manage the desktop background, themes, desktop composition, font smoothing and many more from phone. On the whole this app uses less bandwidth from your device internet and gives you more comfort.
In its latest version many features included like, it supports for URL and mail redirection, supports extra gestures, added 3 finger swipe movement, added 2 finger vertical scrolling, added support for external mouse ( only for Android 3.1) and many more. So, just install the 2X Client RDP/ Remote Desktop on your Android device and add your terminals to enjoy its features.

Download 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop app:

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop app is available for free and you can download it from Android Apps Labs.

Otherwise, scan the below QR Code using barcode scanner and follow the instructions to install this app.
2x Client RDP QR Code

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