Monday, September 5, 2011

Do You How to Preventing iPod Theft? Tips to Avoid Having Your iPod Stolen (repair, unlock, Auckland)

IPods are among the most popular items for thieves these days. As a result, the numbers of iPod thefts, iPod muggings, and other violence related iPods is increasing (and, increasingly, getting a lot of media attention).

IPod users can look like good targets to thieves because iPods are expensive and also users will be less aware of their surroundings due to listening to music.

If you want to avoid iPod theft, prevent iPod theft, or not make yourself a clear target for an iPod mugging, here are some tips:

Do the obvious: keep your iPod close to you, don't leave it unattended, don't leave it exposed in your car when you're not in it, etc. Remember, an iPod is an expensive and sought-after product, so treat at as such and operate with common sense.

Ditch Your Earbuds: The white earbuds that come with iPods have become well-known indicators that the headphone cord snaking into your pocket or bag is connected to an iPod. Wearing the white earbuds is a signal to thieves that you're using an iPod. Get a different set of headphones to throw them off (the earbuds aren't that good anyway. There are lots of better options).

Don't Use Belt Clips: Belt clips are great for wearing your iPod around the house or in other safe spaces, but they're not great for keeping your iPod safe in public. Since the iPod is exposed on your body and potentially easy to pull off a belt clip, keep the clips at home.

Keep Your iPod Close: You can prevent iPod theft by keeping your iPod close to your body. After all, it's much harder to steal something that's in your bag or in an inside jacket pocket. The closer to your body the iPod can get, the better.

Clip It To Something: Avoiding iPod theft is aided when you make it harder for a thief to make off with your iPod. You can do this by clipping your iPod to something. Many cases, for instance, include small clips for attaching the case to a bag or the like. If you keep your iPod in a bag or inside pocket, and can find something to clip it to, you'll be doing double duty in preventing iPod theft.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings: This is harder said than done. When you're listening to your iPod, you probably won't be able to hear all of what's going on around you. This potentially puts you at a disadvantage relative to iPod thieves. So, to avoid iPod theft, be more alert and aware of your surroundings, and who's around you, when you're listening to your iPod.

If you follow these tips, you wil be well on  your way to being safter, holding onto your iPod and not becoming the victime of an iPod mugging!

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