Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some cool Android tips and tricks that you might not know!

Easy Setup

As Android is a open source platform, that means that you might be installing new firmware more frequently and everytime you would be required to setup the phone. Here is the quick guide on the must have apps for your mobile phone setup.

Import Contacts

With Android powered by Google handset you can easily import your contacts from your old mobile phone. Its simple procedure, you need to export contacts from your old mobile phone in CSV format and them import them to Google Contacts.

Now got to your Google Contacts in your new Android mobile phone and click on sync. Within few minutes your phone would be synchronized with Google Contacts and you will have your contact on to your mobile phone.

Facebook & Twitter

You can’t imagine or avoid Social Networking connect, Facebook and Twitter apps are must, so install them. Now select import data on your existing contacts. It will import pictures and other data automatically on to your contacts.

You should ensure that you have set the option to update Twitter & Facebook once every two hours or four hours to prevent the draining of your battery. The Facebook sync settings is in Contacts > Settings.

Antivirus Free

Antivirus Free is an Android application available for free purchase from the Android market. What is does is, scans for known malicious threats from the file and apps that you install or download on to your mobile phone.

An antivirus program is must on your mobile phone and what could be better free program than Antivirus Free.

Home Screen

The home screen on your phone can be better organized with ADW launcher. With ADW launcher has the setting to change the number of home screens, apps scrolling either vertically or horizontally.

With 4.5/5, it’s among the best customization apps.

Home Screen Widgets

Install Beautiful widgets app which includes tons of free skins and many other options. This beautiful widgets includes clock + weather and more than 700+ free skins/ theme to change the look, feel of your clock, weather icon or toggle buttons.

Lost Mobile Security

In most cases you don’t lose your mobile phone by yourself however those incidents can happen to anyone anytime. The Contact Owner app for Android. If your mobile phone is lost then it will display the owner contact information or your friend’s info from the list with email, so that the person who has found your phone can contact you.

Phone Settings Automatically with Timerrific

The Timerrific is an Android app which uses your customized setting or GPS or phone battery level based changes automatically. If your battery level reaches a low level you can predefine to Off some features so that your can prolong your battery life to an extent.

It can change settings based on time and day. You also have settings to set your phone on vibrate at office/schools. You can also set No signal alert so that you don’t miss important calls.

Barcode Scanner

barcode scanner is must for Android. With Barcode you can find the product information with just quick scan on barcode, install apps with scanning on barcode and compare prices.


Foursquare is the best application to explore various things in your city and also to learn about places. This application is widely used by the Android lovers. You earn points and unlock badges for discovering new things in your city.


Ringdroid is a ringtone based apps for your mobile phone. You can assign specific ringtone to a contact, you can edit any ringtome and compose them by yourself.

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