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How to Enable Labs on Google Maps for Android App? (Android Smartphone Repair,

Google Maps, the best app for navigation, finding places, adding locations etc. Everyone uses this app only to locate places and often forgets to see the more options available in it. Apart from locating places, Google maps provide some more useful features which help users to make navigation even simpler. Now we will provide you the detailed procedure on how to enable ‘Labs’ option in Google Maps app.

How to enable Labs on Google Maps for Android:

Step 1:

Open the Maps app on your Android mobile and click the Menu button. You will be getting some options as below.
Map labs

Step 2:

Now choose ‘More’ option and it will enable you to view some more features as shown in the screenshot below.
Map labs

Step 3:

Tap on Labs option now, and it will display the Labs section that contains some additional features.

You will be seeing, “Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. They may change, break or disappear at any time”. Now, you can view some more options which make functionality of the Google maps even better.
Map labs

Labs section provides you Scale Bar, Measure, pre-cache map area, bubble buttons and bigger text. Scale bar adds a scale bar on the map and displays distances and imperial units. Measure allows you to calculate the distance between locations. Pre-cache map area, bubble buttons and bigger text has the functionality as shown in the images below.
Map labs Map labs

Download Google Maps:

Google Maps app is now available for free and you can download it from Android Apps Labs.

Scan below QR Code using barcode scanner and follow the instructions to install Google maps.
map labs QR Code

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