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Best Tips & Ways to Increase Battery Life on Android Phones (Google Android Repair by

battery saverAndroid phones have been reaching the high marks in the graphs of mobile markets. Android market is full of apps and users’ making a huge downloads from it. So, have you ever thought about your device’s battery performance? Every thing will work on your mobile only when you have better battery maintenance. As android users are increasing day by day we need to provide the best out of better tips to the users. Now it is all about Android’s battery life.

Android phones have the best battery life indeed, but users have to maintain some tips in order to save and increase the battery life.

 Tips to save and increase battery life on Android phones:

  • Android users have an inbuilt mechanism to view their battery usage. Just open the menu and tap on ‘About phone’, there you can find ‘Battery use’ option and it displays the usage of your device battery clearly. From that information, you can find out the useless stuff which is eating your battery. So, this will definitely make you alert and helps you to shut all the unnecessary stuff.

battery saver battery saver

  • As we discussed above, the market is full of apps and users downloads them regularly. But, the problem is that there will be many unwanted apps which users forgets to uninstall after the usage. These apps simply eat away your battery as some of them use WIFI connectivity. So, just uninstall all those unwanted apps and keep your battery safe.
  • Android phones have the high-end options like WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G etc and these all will make your device battery weak. Users are promptly advised to enable these features only in need and disable immediately after the usage. Some of the battery-saving apps are available in the market where that app provides a direct option to on/off WIGI, 3G, GPS etc.

battery saver

  • Brightness control also helps you to save your phone’s battery life. Just decrease the brightness of your screen and save up some of the battery life.
  • Avoid USB charging as it works with float charging phenomenon. While charging its better to avoid downloads, calls, messages etc. Charge your battery only when it is very low and avoid charging when the battery is half full. If you follow the above tips while charging, you can save and increase your battery life easily.
  • Low network coverage areas drags up your battery life to keep you connected with network. So, better keep your mobile in good network coverage areas and never let your battery go down.

We are in search of still better ways to save and increase Android mobile’s battery life and we will be updating you with helpful tips.

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