Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Opera 10.5: Fastest Internet Browser on Earth?

Opera isn’t too popular among web users and internet enthusiasts compared with the top three web browsers last 2009 – Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Google Chrome. With this figure in mind, it seems that Opera web browser is non-existent to the vast majority. This knowledge though may change, especially now that Opera claims that they are the fastest browser that you can ever have, well just for the meantime we guess. We bet Mozilla is on their way of launching an update version of their browser to beat Opera.

Anyway was highly curious of what Opera 10.5 has to offer,  claiming to be the fastest web browser on earth is a big claim so I wanted to check if  their claim is true. So is the Opera 10.5 really reigns as the fastest among all the browsers out there?

We have downloaded Opera 10.5 and the installation was pretty quick, it only took 5 minutes. We used it right away and tried to log in to Facebook, it was not so user friendly (or I’m just not familiar with it). So I put this browser to a test and check who can pull my favorite Facebook game the 1st. I have Google Chrome vs. Opera 10.5 and guess who won? It’s Google Chrome! It took forever for Opera to pull up the game, and it took 30 seconds for Chrome. So what is so fast about that? Want proof?

Go check it for yourself and download Opera 10.5 and Chrome and compare the difference (hope you get better results than me). Now this makes me wonder why and how did Opera came about with their claim of ‘the fastest web browser on earth’? Oh well this was not the case for  me,  add the fact that every time I chat on Facebook and click backspace Opera leads me to go back to my previous page which totally annoyed me because it happens every time I hit backspace!

Anyway Opera claims it’s the fastest due to the new JavaScript engine called Carakan and Vega for the graphics library but so far only PC’s with a Windows OS can have Opera 10.5 downloaded. You would probably love to know that Opera will have Aero Glass jump lists and Aero Peek so you can access your speed dials etcetera, that is if you’re running a Windows 7 or Vista Operating system.

So far we can say that some of the features are like Chrome too just add a little bit more features that you might find helpful, great or complicated. According to some users, Opera browser is more stable and more secured against javascript viruses proliferating the web compared with the likes of Internet Explorer. However, some complain that Opera has problems loading high-resolution graphic websites. 

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