Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coolest Objects Inspired by Apple iPhone 4S (repair, unlock, jailbreak, Unlock)

5. iPhone Tacky T-Shirt

This shirt doesn’t come with touch technology like the iPhone itself, but we think the reaction is still probably best when activated by the flow of electrons through your skin.

4. iPhone Coasters

These coasters are from Meninos. Take your love of iPhone and use that power to protect furniture. They’re made from thin plywood wrapped in a vinyl decal, with rubber slapped on the bottom. The 3.34″ coasters come in a pack of 16 for $60, which seems just a bit expensive, but let’s face it, it isn’t cheap being a geek.

Now, if only they had wireless capabilities, you could set your drink down and open the app at the same time. Or play an iPhone game between two drinkers. Every time you take a drink, you set it down on an app and counter each other’s moves. Oh well, maybe next time.

3. iPhone Coffee Table

Attention iPhone fanboys… throw out your coffee table now. You’ve just been out-geeked by some iLoungers. The coolest part about this fairly realistic looking coffee table is that the icons are removable- you pop them out to use them as coasters. The entire table is made of cardboard and glue. Do want.

2. iPhone Notebooks

The Notepod ($18 for a set of three) comes from Australia and contains 100 sheets printed to look like a blank iPhone on one side and grid lines on the other — “perfect for notes or jotting down the phone number of a hot geek,” according to the Notepods website. I agree!

1. iPhone earrings

The only reason I can see anyone flaunting these crazy earrings is either because they love the gadget too much or just simply cannot afford one. So if you think they are the best alternative to getting the real gadgets, you can contact Toronto artist Barb Feldman who handcrafts these teeny tiny things by precisely layering and slicing Fimo polymer clay.

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