Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apple Insider Information Leak: What might the Apple iPad Mini look like? iOS Unlock, Auckland, David Lim, +64212640000)

The iPhone has always been compared to the iPad in many different ways.  In fact, it has often been dubbed as being an iPad Mini.  The same thing has been said about the iPad and its being an oversized iPhone.  And it is exactly talk like this that gives way to rumors like the much-anticipated iPad Mini.  We all know it doesn’t exist, there is just not enough evidence to support that there is anything like it in Apple’s production pipelines or plans.  Nevertheless, it is an entertaining idea.  Samsung and Amazon seem to have created a space for it, after all.  But we don’t see any success coming from that end of the spectrum.
Now, let’s say that Apple did come out with an iPad Mini (you know you are still going to buy one no matter how silly it may sound).  Wouldn’t it be great to at least know what it might look like?  There have been many renditions out on the Internet and there really is just one that that we can be certain of.  It will look like a smaller iPad.  I mean, seriously, how much more exciting did you think it was going to get?
Don’t get us wrong, a smaller iPad does present its charms as well.  And with the retina screen technology, something as small as a 7.85 inch iPad would still offer an amazing and functional experience.  There has been a lot of technical talk as well about the possibility of Apple making the iPad mini according to the retina screen specs.  It looks like it can be done.  But who’s to say really that they will be making an iPad Mini?  There might also be the possibility that they make a bigger iPhone, right?  Of course, we leave that to other rumors.
Why these rumors exist is anybody’s guess.  For a time, it seemed that there was a steady decline of consumer-interest in the iPad 2.  But then all Apple really had to do (and did do) was release the new iPad, also known as the iPad 3.  The point is the current size at 9.7 inches seems to be working for millions of users.  There is no existent need to make the iPad smaller unless Apple really wants to release something as silly as Samsung’s Note.  Yes, we are talking about that half-breed tablet and phone that makes for embarrassing conversations when you stick it in your pocket.
Then again, we do suspect that anything that Apple will bring to market will be an instant success.  iPad Mini or iPhone Max (yes, we made that one up so if you see any rumors out there with that label, you know where it came from and how stupid it sounds), Apple knows its market and understands usability more than anybody in the industry.  Enjoy the pictures, though, they are quite entertaining and it’s nice to daydream about having a mini-anything these days.  There’s something about smaller and cuter gadgets that makes one feel more exclusive than everybody else.  Right?  Okay, I just wanted to throw that one out there for you to pounce on.  Sound off in the comments!

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