Thursday, March 3, 2011

The NVIDIA Tegra 2-powered Samsung I9103 Galaxy S II is real (tech, news, update, pda, android, Auckland)


NVIDIA just went ahead and confirmed the existence of a Tegra 2 version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. The Korean company announced that their Super AMOLED Plus-packing flagship was going to run on the home-brewed Exynos chipset, but supply shortages has forced them to come up with a Tegra 2 alternative.

Samsung I9103 Galaxy S II entered rumorland back in February. It seems that Samsung will be unable to provide enough Exynos chips for all those Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy S II units it plans to sell. Fortunately NDIVIA doesn't mind helping Samsung out with this one.

The performance of the two SoCs should be similar, so those that end up buying the Tegra 2 Galaxy S II shouldn't be too disappointed. After all some of the main rivals of the Galaxy S II (the Atrix and the Optimus 2X) are already using the Tegra 2 so the I9103 won't be, by any means, inferior to them.

The availability of the two different Galaxy S II versions is yet to be announced. All we know right now is that the separation will be geographical.

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