Sunday, November 11, 2012

Latest App News 2012: Microsoft Office app coming to iPhone, iPad and Android in 2013 (Dr Mobiles Limited)


Microsoft is developing a much rumoured, much anticipated Mobile Office suite for iOS and Android, reports have confirmed.

According to “several sources close to Microsoft’s plans”, the software giant is hard at work in bringing its Word, PowePoint and Excel applications to the rival platforms, despite claims that it might decide to shun them to give its own Windows Phone operating system a competitive advantage.

Microsoft has already told The Verge that the news is in fact true, stating: “Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android."

A press release from its Czech Republic arm confirmed that Office for iOS app will be available from March 2013, followed by an Android app in May. Users will require a Microsoft account for access to a read-only version of the app and a Microsoft 365 subscription for editing functionality.

SkyDrive integration for synchronising and accessing files over cloud is also expected.

What remains unknown is whether this will be a scaled back mobile edition or full-fledged software that features the sort of advanced capabilities available on the desktop applications. In any case, the news should be boon for iFans and Fandroids who like to work on the move.

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