Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to get paid appls for free on iOS 6 Apple iPhone 5, iPod 4 and iPad Mini? (Auckland, New Zealand, repair, unlock)

A great deal of questions we get revolve around downloading applications for free. While there exists an illegal approach we don’t recommend you go down that path, and instead take advantage of FreeMyApps an amazing legal service. FreeMyApps works on all devices, does not require a jailbreak, and is a easy legal alternative that can also earn you money. We understand that there are a lot of shady similar sites that take your info and never give much up, and after using FMA for over six months I can assure you this is not the case. The process is simple and will be detail it both below and in our video demonstration. We hope you enjoy and good luck earning your credits.

== Steps  ==

1. On your iDevice open Safari and go to “”

2. Click on any sponsored app and install the certificate.

3. Install sponsored apps, open them for 30 seconds and gain credits.

4. Once you reach enough credits switch to the “gifts” tab and redeem your App Store giftcards.

(The certificate is only there to get your ID so that the application can work. No details will be stolen.)

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