Sunday, December 11, 2011

Complete Guide to Extend & Improve Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Device

Samsung Galaxy S II is currently one of the best smartphone in the market which stand tall above most of the other competitor brand like Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia and it is believed to be on-par-with or better than Apple’s latest Phone 4S. Since it was last launch back in the June, Samsung Galaxy S2 has sold more than 10 million units worldwide and it is crown as one of the best Android smartphone to date. In term of the international recognition, Samsung’s GT-I9100 model has even won the title as “Phone of The Year’ by annual T3 award.

So everything seem to be perfect huh for Samsung Galaxy S II? Not really folks, one of the major complaint of Samsung Galaxy S2 is that the battery drain off too quickly. Yes, indeed Samsung Galaxy SII does has a bad battery life. I am experiencing the same problem too as I just got my brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 on last Thurs and one thing I did notice, the battery will get discharge too quickly when I using the device. And it has triggered me to do a lot of research on how I can possibly improve the battery life of my Samsung Galaxy S II.

Basically in this post, I will share with you all the research and study I have found so far that will be able to improve and extend the battery life of your Samsung device greatly. Checkout all the tweaks and hacks below on how to increase Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life.

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