Monday, November 14, 2011

What do you know about the negative aspects of

Facebook has been down talked for many things, mostly for being a source of devastation that can turn Facebook users into real social networking addicts. Such as stalking people, hacking into others accounts, getting way too involved with all of the unknown individuals and being deprived of real life are some of the main negative aspects of Facebook. Face book has many negative aspects; this document is to touch base on some of these issues. Facebook is also extremely popular, it has certainly expanded society’s idea of what Facebook really is, but like anything, the site has good aspects and bad. Overall, Facebook can provide yet one more way to get to know your friends.

The number one issue involves privacy settings. On face book any one can view your information if they choose to do so. A single click of a button allows viewers to view all of you personal information. Such as, who you are, where you work, your favorite music, your favorite movies, books that you like, TV series, your spiritual and political beliefs, your main studies and your interests. Some users take higher risks than most and share their home addresses and phone numbers. This is probably how the stalkers find their way home without needing to chat first.

Of course you can always choose who is allowed to view your information, by simply going into your security settings and changing your privacy settings. This can be accomplished in seconds. However there will always be some form of information that people may see. Nothing on Face book is 100% private.

The next key issue with face book is that many adolescents are using this site. Young children and teens use Facebook on a regular basis; this can subject them to negative attractions. Between people talking about inappropriate thoughts and the various predators that we have in this world today, young children should not be vulnerable like that. Anyone can login to their account and Friend request whomever they please, possibly leading to the wrong people following your every move. A lot of people talk and share way too much of their personal information on this site. This in any case should be limited.

Also Facebook raises the divorce rate up in this world drastically. Many people find old partners or ex lovers and then their current significant other finds out about it. Coming across people you use to associate with may be hard to avoid, so what happens when your significant other realizes who you have been communicating with? This reason along causes break ups and divorces.

The purpose of this article is not to persuade users to not use Facebook. The sole purpose of this article is to bring to light the negative aspects of this site. All that we are saying is to be careful and watch who you communicate with.

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