Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S and iOS 5 battery tips (iPhone repair and unlocking,

With iPhone 4S and iOS 5 out in the wild, there are many users expressing their concerns about the battery life, blaming it on both the OS and the device itself. I've been using iOS 5 since the first beta and iPhone 4S since the day it came out. So far, I have been quite impressed with the battery life. I posted some tips for the early iOS 5 beta testers previously and those still stand true, but I thought I'd share my recent findings with you all.

Now, you may find that some of the features listed below are crucial to you. That is fine, but the more you can afford from the list the better. By the way, you may notice that I don't mention screen brightness. I like mine to be set on full and it's not really iOS 5 or iPhone 4S related. But yes, screen brightness is usually one of the top tips for better battery life.

Here we go:


Disable Weather and Stock widgets in Notifications.

Disable Location Services for Reminders. This one is a real killer and I recommend to not use the feature until the process is perfected.

Go to Settings - Location Services - System Services and set Setting Time Zone, Location-Based iAds, Diagnostics & Usage to OFF. Turning off Compass Calibration will also help.

Disable spotlight search for anything you don't actually use.

Check your locations services settings. Do all those apps need to have access to location services?

Ping used to cause battery drains, and since I never use it, I disabled it in Restrictions (settings - general - restrictions).

Go to Settings - About - Diagnostics & usage and select Don't send.

Use fetch rather than push for your email accounts.

Are you using Bluetooth? If not, turn it off.

If you are an iPhone 4S user, turning "Raise to speak" for Siri off will help you save some juice.

There have no evidence that the below does improve battery performance, and I have doubts that it does, but this appears to be quite a popular solution. I, personally, ignore this step, as I don't see how exactly it can improve battery life, but you may want to give it a go:

Delete your MobileMe mail account or iCloud account if you already migrated/signed up (settings - mail - etc...). Make sure you save data on the phone if you are deleting your iCloud account.

Do a hard reset.

Set up iCloud or MobileMe again.  OK, enjoy your iPhones!!!


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