Monday, January 16, 2012

Windows Mobiles 2012: Skype integration in Windows Phone ( 0212640000

Skype for Windows Phone, along with Skype for Windows 8 and Xbox, is coming soon, says Skype's VP of Products, Rick Osterloh.

Although it's been eight months since Microsoft acquired Skype, we still haven't seen proper Skype integration in Windows Phone or even a Skype app for the platform yet. However, if Rick Osterloh is to be believed, the Skype integration is coming soon.

It is generally believed that the proper Skype integration in Windows Phone will arrive with Appolo, which is the next major version of Windows Phone and will arrive after Tango (which will be a minor update). However, in the meanwhile, Microsoft could just release a Skype app for the platform through the Windows Marketplace for the few Windows Phone 7 devices that have a front facing camera built-in.

Also expected, is integration with Windows 8 and Xbox 360. Admittedly, video calling on your TV with the Xbox Kinect is going to be pretty cool. Hopefully, Microsoft sticks to its word this time and really does release it soon.

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