Monday, February 10, 2020

Is Apple Watch Series 5 worth buying? #applewatch, #iwatch, #iphonerepair, #drmobilesnz, #drmobileslimited

The Apple Watch Series 5 has a second-generation heart-rate sensor. ... An always-on display in 2019 shouldn't be worth more than a line or two in a review, but on the Series 5, it's is a pervasive element that makes the watch truly feel like a modern timepiece.

Battery life here exceeds Apple's claims, as it has for the last few Apple Watch models, but not by as much as the Series 4 managed. Apple claims an 18-hour battery life, which is effectively a day of use before sleep, and is what it said for the Series 4.

What can I do with an Apple Watch Series 5?
From phone calls, to texts, to emergency assistance around the world, Apple Watch Series 5 with cellular lets you leave your phone behind and still stay connected. And now that the display is always on, your important information stays front and center.

Apple Watch Series 5 features. The new Series 5 runs on a new Apple S5 chip inside: 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, up to 2x faster than S3 processor (includes W3 wireless chip). Apple Watch bands now include purchasable gold options including leather straps, something we haven't seen since the original.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is a very good smartwatch. It has since been eclipsed by the new Apple Watch Series 5, which is hands down the best smartwatch you can buy right now, but if you find a Black Friday deal on the Series 4, it's still worth picking up. You just won't get an always-on display or a compass.

When the Apple Watch is only able to use Bluetooth, the range is going to be 30–50 feet, depending on obstructions. The Apple watch can also remain connected to the iPhone via WiFi, and according to Apple, this works when the watch and iPhone are connected to to the same WiFi.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a big upgrade to the Series 4, with the key differences being the new always-on display, compass, and new materials. ... The Series 5 solves one of the biggest Apple Watch downfalls with the new always-on display, but that display isn't without compromise.

The Apple Watch does work without an iPhone, although certain prominent features of the Apple Watch may be unavailable. Without an iPhone, the ability to use your Apple Watch will depend on your access to Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

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