Sunday, November 11, 2018

4th November, 2018: Visit to Western Sorung Park with Jigme Gurung, @mrjigme, Auckland, New Zealand, @davidlim

4th November, 2018, Auckland:  Finslly I managed to boo using the web version of Google Blogsport.

It had been ages since I blog on 

Jigme Gurung is my mate from Bhutan and we belong to the sane Mahayana faith in Bhuddism.  Any way, it was great to meet him and having him as a friend.  We spent almost two hours at the parkland.

Most pictures were taken with #appleiphonexs and Canon  EF 16-35mm, 1:28 II, USM lens.

He had flown back to Bhutan last Friday.  See you soon in Aucklsnd, my friend!

#jigmegurung, @jigmegurung, @mrjigme, #westernsoringnz, @davidlim

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